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Business Hub

Business Hub, a premium address in Gulberg Islamabad, is a picture-perfect location allowing businesses to perform their best with a guaranteed essential infrastructure.

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Located in the heart of Bahria, RJ Lifestyle is brimming with unrivalled conveniences and luxury living experiences. It has all the necessary amenities one can dream of.

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RJ Avenue

Rj’s Developers most impressive project, Rj’s Avenue, offers a way of living that goes beyond the ordinary. Rj’s Avenue perfect blend of residential and commercial property.

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Al masqan

Al-maskan Heights, a multi-story residential and commercial project by Rj Developers is situated in the middle of the PWD residential area.

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Rj Arcade

Within the ever expanding Mumtaz city is RJ Arcade. A fitting location for an opportunity to purchase shop or offices .for business investment

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